Sep 12, 2008


Received an assignment down by Eagle Pass to do some aerial photos of a fracture job and some rigs for a company doing exploratory work for some of that black gold(oil). Always lots of fun and a little unnerving to hang out of a helicopter to get a good angle. I met my pilot close by and he was a unique character(old, leathery, cow rustling type of cowboy). Well half way thru the shoot the copter starts to shake and I mean SHAKE. Well that's followed by and OH NO (from the pilot)! Which was followed by a WHAT from me and my hands together to say a Prayer. Long story short ....I had a dream the night before regarding this problem that ended badly. Well i'm glad to say the closer we got to the ground, I figured I would survive this ! Just wanted to give a Shout Out to the pilot. Who had to trailer that copter out of there and for me I walked back to my car wondering what could have been.


brenner said...

Hey Gary. My name is Brenner Gold. I met you at the rolling oaks golf center a while back, and you approached me there and happened to compliment me on my swing and we got to know eachother etc. I had also mentioned to you how much i like tiger, and you had told me how you see him all the time and you would try and send me a picture of him. Well i got the picture a few months back and i really appreciate you sending it to me, it meant a lot to me. Thanks again and if you could email me that would be great.

p.s. sorry im writing to you on here but i miss placed your card that had your email and this was the only way besides calling you to thank you for the picture you had sent me.

Terri said...

WOW...I thought photography was a safe line of work!
I am glad you made it to the ground, softly.