Dec 8, 2008

BBQ on Sunday in TEXAS!!!

L to R - Scott Allen,me,BBQ pit,Scotty Goldsmith and Corey Seay. All day watching football and Qing !!!

Dec 1, 2008

First Friday!

Well, for those who don't know First Friday at the Blue Star Arts Complex where I office at has a lot to offer as far as live music,art,friends and beers. So, if you haven't been to one ask these three guys(L to R Adrian, Carter,me, & Scotty) I'm with and they have already called and emailed there reservations in for the next one. See you next First Friday !

Nov 11, 2008

Blue Star Art Walk!

Had a art showing on First Friday at my studio. Elizabeth Eliquin was the artist. Went well an sold a few pieces and had a lot of traffic and great networking.

Oct 3, 2008

Plane Biz !

I photographed Airlift Groups planes for there sales brochure and website. I like to work at night for that dramatic look!

Sep 25, 2008

Kicking back with Raymond Floyd at Shinnecock Hills !

Spent the last few days in NY with Hall of Famer Ray Floyd, doing an outings at National Golf Links and Shinnecock Hills Golf Club and his home. Here we are doing what we do best. JUST RELAXING AND TELLING BAD JOKES TO EACH OTHER !!! 

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Southampton,NY

Early in the a.m. for this photo !

National Golf Links in Southampton, New York

Sep 12, 2008


Received an assignment down by Eagle Pass to do some aerial photos of a fracture job and some rigs for a company doing exploratory work for some of that black gold(oil). Always lots of fun and a little unnerving to hang out of a helicopter to get a good angle. I met my pilot close by and he was a unique character(old, leathery, cow rustling type of cowboy). Well half way thru the shoot the copter starts to shake and I mean SHAKE. Well that's followed by and OH NO (from the pilot)! Which was followed by a WHAT from me and my hands together to say a Prayer. Long story short ....I had a dream the night before regarding this problem that ended badly. Well i'm glad to say the closer we got to the ground, I figured I would survive this ! Just wanted to give a Shout Out to the pilot. Who had to trailer that copter out of there and for me I walked back to my car wondering what could have been.

The View !

The Pilot From
Who Got Me
Down Safely !

Sep 11, 2008

Launching My New Company !

This is the Logo for the new business I am starting. Really excited about it and look for the website to be launched real soon.

Aug 26, 2008

Jul 23, 2008

Taking the big leap off the pier !

My daughter has no fear jumping from way up high !

Taking a walk on the beach !

My daughter Payton 

Jul 11, 2008

Played Golf With Former #1 Player In The World And British Open Champ Bill Rogers

I was invited by my good friend Bill Rogers to play golf and have lunch at Briggs Ranch. Special Day ! I can say I beat him on a hole ....but he can still golf his ball. Thanks Bill

Jul 5, 2008

Fourth of July @ Mt. Vernon !

I spent my 4th of July at Mt. Vernon. The home  and resting place of George Washington. A must see if your in D.C. 

Jun 16, 2008

Hot Day Riding @ Texas Dirt Slingers

Corey and I took a Monday off to ride the dirt bikes. Nice day but the 100 degree temperature is tuff!

Jun 11, 2008

Spent the day with PGA Pro Billy Andrade

Well, I flew to Rhode Island and drove over to Massachusetts to Kittansett Golf Club to do an outing with Bill Andrade. Kittansett sits on the the Atlantic Ocean. It across from Martha 's Vineyard and down the road from Cape Cod. He's won a few times on tour and is really a great guy to work with.We finished up a long day on the course and he asks me if I play. I told him I grew up playing and kind of gave it up for motorcycles. He asks what my handicap was and I tell him a 5. He then starts announcing as if we where teeing it up at the U.S. Open. Hilarious!! He gave me a stroke on the last hole- a par 5- for the championship and announcing as I hit my tee shot: "On the 18th tee- with a one stroke lead- going into the final hole, Gary Perkins, a golf photographer from San Antonio, Texas..."
And even with all that- I hit my tee shot straight down the fairway! The badgering continued onto the green. I made par, he made birdie- which made us tied. The playoff will commence down the road at Philadelphia Country Club in July... when we meet again! Thanks Billy for making my day fun!!!

May 28, 2008

OK, This is the time of year when I get really busy. I will be on and off the road for the next 2 months. I will go from Indianapolis-Boston-New York-Washington DC-Minneapolis-Akron-Philadelphia-Chicago........and back to San Antonio in between. It is always a grind to leave your family for along period at a time. But I would'nt trade it for the world! I'll see ya when I return :)

Apr 21, 2008

Dancing with the Stars !

Photographed Kristi Yamaguchi of Dancing with the Stars and partner Mark at TigerJam in Vegas. They will win it !

Van Halen Concert

Went to see Van Halen Concert and David Lee Roth still has it going !

Apr 18, 2008

In Las Vegas With TIGER !

Tiger giving a clinic with crutches at Cascata Golf Club in Vegas.....

Apr 16, 2008

Pumped up Coach Joe !

Joe tends to get in my I decided to focus on him.

Apr 14, 2008

All the kids behaving after dinner !

While the parents where behaving themselves as well....(see below photos)

Friends getting together for dinner and a beer in Corpus Christi !

Dignified adults just having a peaceful dinner and a drink.......

Like I said friends getting together !

and having a few more beers!
(standing)Tony,Sammy,Donna,Vicki,Me,Amy,Scotty....(sitting) Greg,Tavey,Marne at Joes Crabshack

Apr 7, 2008

Phil Mickelson @ Pebble Beach # 9

Chasing the winner(Phil) of the tournament all day,I decided to fall back and shoot this image with the Pacific as background.

Shinnecock Hills in Southampton,New York

Ok,up early again when I could be sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic mattress in my hotel, I'm driving down a service road on the course and I came across this spot on the course. For some reason I love this photo. Hole # 17

Fireworks !

Fireworks display following Hootie And The Blowfish Concert at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas...

Apr 2, 2008

Hall of Famer Raymond Floyd 1

New Promo Photo I Shot For Raymond.


Photo cover I shot of Bruce Burger(superintendent) of The Quarry G.C. He's the best Super around !

Apr 1, 2008


Terri Fertita RN stitches up the slightly inebriated Troy Crain. Troy is always working the crowd!

Judson High School Reunion Golf Tournament

Scott Fertita,Vic Yanuzzi,Kieth Nichols and me at Woodlake CC where we played golf together in Jr High(not pictured is Troy Crain who is in picture above....he was injured after falling out of golf cart)

High School Buds !

A night out with some high school buds at Stoneworks !


Tiger with Karen Jennings and Mark Kieffer on the course goofing off...

Hall Of Famer !!

Me with my bud Donna Caponi-Byrnes

another day grinding it out in the office....


Photographed the Goo Goo Dolls in Cancun...

Mar 31, 2008


These are the guys I work with all across the USA at the ATT events.


Tiger gives the hardware away...


When Tiger is on the course it tends to draw a crowd !

A Great Day At The Office !

Another Day On The Links.....


Tiger Woods on Hole # 13 at Congressional CC Puttin the hurt on the ball !

Pebble Beach, CA.

Pebble Beach,CA. Hole # 8 Got up at dark thirty for this and when I finished shooting the course as I was walking back, a cart drives by me and two guys stop to say hey and it was Arnold Palmer and Clint Eastwood ! OH HELLO...