Dec 9, 2013

Denmark's Secretary of State Claus Grube!

Had the privalage to photograph Anne-Marie's dad for the Danish archives

us doing the traditional Perkins' point!

Trip to Denmark

Great trip to see my girlfriend's home country of Denmark
 and had a great day sailing to Sweden and back on her dad's boat!

Anne-Marie taking over the sailing duties!

Dec 4, 2013


Great day shooting with Jana Bounds the director of marketing and the Derm SA staff of doctors at there new offices at La Cantera

Nov 25, 2013

GVTC photo shoot!!!

Finished up an all day shoot at GVTC for some images of all there boards for there 2013 annual report. It's one of those shoots where you have about 5 minutes to get it done. My specialty is hurry up when I see the look.

Nov 11, 2013

He's Back!

Ian Baker Finch Hole in One!

In Maryland working with Ian and it knocks one in from 180 yards! I screamed like a woman :)

Nov 8, 2013


My favorite image shot with a wide angle,up close and personal!

On the Vespa!

My daughter Payton gave me 15 minutes to shoot her Sr.Portraits !!!

Nov 7, 2013

Taylor Lane's Portraits!



Looking back at 12 Green from 13 fairway! Amen Corner
Click on photo for to see the ball skipping across the pond!
A tradition on the par 3 16th is to see if you can skip the ball across the pond to the green.Phil is giving it a go with Ricki Fowler,Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar watching!

The Big Three Jack,Arnold and Gary!

Fred Couples with Tiger watching!

The AT&T crew and me with Hall of Famer Billy Casper on the final night of the Masters! Blessed!!

Oct 28, 2013


Pebble Beach Pro-Am I forgot to add to my blog and it was a successful year again and a star studed one as well! Bill Murray was there making it happpen and once again a great crew (Smitty and Mr Gatlin)

Oct 25, 2013


Had a awesome time shooting some images for a client all around S. Texas but a bit hot and a great learning experience on the refining.

My shadow reflection on the left high atop a drum!

Oct 15, 2013

President Bill Clinton,Condi Rice and President George W. Bush!

Had the pleasure and pressure of photographing these guys and it was a blast! All I kept thinking was equipment please don't fail me NOW! LOL It all worked out !! Thanks W for remembering me !

Sep 10, 2013

BLOG more Gary!

Its been a long time since I have posted a BLOG and I am making a point to be a bit more attentive to this and social media! So here we go and its already September 10, 2013. Thanks for being patient!!